Jamberry Nail Wraps: Christmas Socks

You may remember my first review of the Jamberry nail wraps, back at the end of November. I had tried the Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving themed wraps, to very little success. I had difficulties with wrinkles, sizing, the texture of the wraps and materials used, and all in all felt like I was wearing stickers on my nails.

When I bought my Gobble Gobble wraps, I also received three other styles. Despite being so unhappy with my first attempt, I was determined to try again, rather than waste the money I had spent.


The Christmas Socks design really needed to be worn before the New Year, or else I knew I would wait until next December. I have been working like crazy, and entertaining lots of visitors and house guests, but I finally found the time to apply to wraps while visiting my parents on Christmas day.

This time, I decided to start by watching a tutorial video, hopeful that this would give me more success with the Jamberry wraps.

Having everything I needed to apply the wraps (I still have the Jamberry heater my friend let me borrow), I watched the official Jamberry video a few times.

I also watched the tricks and tips video, before finally getting started.

The most important thing I did differently this time around, was choosing a wrap that was slightly smaller than my nails. I’m a perfectionist, so it drives me crazy to have nail exposed, but the too large wraps will not stick. Last time, they peeled up almost right away, got dirt under them, and just looked awful. Having the smaller wraps worked way better. I also used ALL THE HEAT this time. My friend, Ally didn’t think I made them hot enough in my  last attempt. I used tons more this time, and I do think it helped.

My finished results:

IMG_6422 (1)

I still don’t love the sizing options. I have smaller nails, and I couldn’t stagger the designs as much as I would have liked. In the end, I have the same design on every other finger, with unique designs on the other two. It was the only way to place the wraps to fit my nails, without leaving two identical styles side by side (which would make my OCD go crazy).

I also still have some (albiet very small) wrinkles in most of the wraps at the very top of my nail where I filed it down. I’m having trouble with the downward filing technique that is recommend. Ally still wants to help me and give me some more pointers, so hopefully when we both have time she can help me with that.

I am much happier this time, and am not overly anxious to rip them all off and throw them away.

IMG_6467 IMG_6469

Two and a half days later, and after a full day of work, they still look pretty good.

Do you guys have any more Jamberry pointers we should try?  Leave a comment below to help us out, if you do. 🙂