Irregular Choice : Cinderella, It Fits Unboxing & Review

Ok, so these Irregular Choice sparkly Cinderella flats came from Spartoo which is apparently located in France.

My first impressions – the shoes are beautiful
However, I got these in a size 39 which is a US size 8 — I am normally an 8.5 but I own a pair of size 40 Irregular Choice flats and they are way too big and these are not available in half sizes. These are still on the smaller size and will need much breaking in.

The bows and heels are glitter while the majority of the shoe is sequins.
The inside is a beautiful neoprene like cushy sole in a gorgeous blue, pink, and purple Cinderella print. The bottom of the soles has a stunning Cinderella scene – one shoe has fairy godmother and Cinderella and the other has the pumpkin carriage and the castle

#cinderella sparkle light up flats by #irregularchoice @irregularchoice

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The sizing thing is annoying, but honestly Irregular Choices sizing is not consistent across the board – so lots of folks I know order 2 sizes and return the pair that isn’t the better fit

This pair of shoes has glue from perhaps stickers being on the bottom of the soles which is dirty and looks preworn and definitely lowers the value of this pair of shoes
There are also some strings hanging off where sequins have fallen off. I was extremely disappointed with that. When I contacted Spartoo about these issues – they responded by saying they would replace them but I would have to ship them back on my own. I looked up the cheapest shipping via USPS and it was $86 USD – I was completely floored – these shoes retail for $160 and they wanted me to pay half the cost of the item to replace a pair they sent that was clearly damaged (perhaps they have a retail store and these were the ones on the floor).

What happens when the battery dies on these shoes? can you replace it?
The lights aren’t super obvious in the design so you can still wear them if they do not light up
but the lights definitely add to making these shoes super special, so I’d love to know what you do when they stop lighting up.

Since I wrote Spartoo asking for a better solution to this issue and have yet to hear back – i strongly urge you not to purchase from them unless you are located in France.