How to Rock a Crop Top with a Bump


You may have read the title to this blog post several times to make sure it read “crop top” and “bump,” but yes, friends, it is possible to rock a crop while pregnant. Even more so, I would highly suggest it! Not only does it let you show off a little personality (be it nerdy or not), but it also is supremely comfortable, which is the main key to maternity wear. How to?


It’s so simple. Grab your favorite solid maxi dress (prints may make it a little more difficult to style) and toss any of those cute crop tops you used to wear when your tummy was flat and baby free right on top. It’s really that easy. I find it’s even more comfortable than wearing the maxi alone, as you don’t have to worry about hiding pesky bra straps or adjusting cleavage since all of that will be covered by the crop. You can also sport this look with a regular tank if you were never keen on crops and don’t have any in your closet (Jordan Dene‘s are my favorite).

What I love the most about this look is that even though it literally feels like you are in your pajamas – you look super chic and put together! Every time I’ve sported this look (quite often these days), I’ve gotten a million compliments on how stylish I look. Plus, it really accentuates a sweet little bump in the most flattering of ways.

Wanna replicate this look?
Both my crops are from Forever 21 & although both of these maxi dresses are no longer available, I love eBay for purchasing basic dresses on the cheap in bulk like these.