Her Universe Announces Comic Con Booth Fashions

Today (1 day away from preview night) Her Universe released a sneak peek of some of the fashions that will be available for sale at their booth at SDCC 2015. Can I just say – I want everything I don’t already own… sigh….

This Agent Carter top is adorable!
One of the Marvel dresses designed for Hot Topic by last year’s fashion show winners, this Thor Dress returns to battle another day this time through Her Universe’s booth – see image below of me wearing this dress on the red carpet at Etheria Film Night & Sam wearing is her’s on her anniversary – Love it!
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.17.37 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.45.17 PM

Anyone who doesn’t know that Thor is my boo… is living under a rock – So, of course I want this new adorable Thor tee – it looks soft and it’s a v-neck — and it has my boo (i know that I’m the only person that still says boo and not bae)


So, this awesome Deanna Troi Next Generation dress is awesome (love the color!) and something really cool about this dress – is I know where you can get one for free… So, the scripted web series I produce, Stalking LeVar is giving one of these dresses away (size of your choice) to 1 lucky contributor that donates $10 or more to our campaign… How cool is that? You can support Dweeb Darlings and female created content and get a cute dress! Here is the link to the indiegogo -> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stalking-levar-an-original-series-season-2/x/10863818#/story


So, another thing I love and am just totally obsessed with is cardigans… I am so happy they are releasing a Star Trek cardigan! I have recently started a massive undertaking of trying to watch all Star Trek all Seasons – I’m about a month in and half way through Season 2 of the original series (thanks Netflix). My only concern about this cardigan is that you maybe a walking target to danger — because it’s red. It’s worth the danger though – because it’s darn cute!


Ok, this Bohemian Fringy beauty is part of the new Spirited Away collection – this is definitely a style we have never seen before from Her Universe and I like it a lot.


Ok, so this outfit is my everything – it’s Avengers, it’s a swing/circle skirt, and it has a separate top that has an embroidered peter pan collar – all the things I love – all in one outfit (pieces are sold separately)
I love that Her Universe is doing a lot of vintagey styles because they are flattering on almost all body types.



They are bringing back the popular Light Saber skirt that has been sold out the moment it came out…
I own this one already or I would be all over this…


This adorable cotton Iron Man dress I saw for the first time at Disneyland 2 weeks ago – and was surprised that it was the only Her Universe item I found there (saw so many Her Universe dresses at Disney World last year) was also surprised I had never seen it before… but now you don’t have to go to Disney – you can just pick one up at SDCC


Was mad at myself for not purchasing the Nerdist Convention hoodie last year – It’s amazing – and they made it even better this year…

So, that’s what they have announced but I know for sure there will be tons of new surprises once you get to SDCC!

Happy 5th Anniversary to Her Universe – thanks to believing that fangirls have a voice and we deserve to be Geek Chic!

See you all at SDCC! Come say hi!