Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes by Storybook Cosmetics Unboxing & Review

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We are no strangers to nerd themed makeup…
We are no strangers to the fandom triplets (Erin, Mandy, and Missy)…
But maybe you are so let us catch you up real quick…

Erin, Mandy and Missy are identical triplets that own fandom themed businesses,

The Sorcerer’s Phone (custom nerdy phone cases)
Half Blood Prints (original nerdy art prints)
The Geeky Cauldron (Fandom Jewelry and Accessories)
Flitwicks (Jewelry subscription box)
Fandom of the Month Club (Fandom Jewelry subscription box)

(Photo by Fashionably Nerdy)

A couple of months ago a lot of these shops closed indefinitely not due to lack of success but because the girls put aside their own shops to focus on one shop that was taking off like wildfire in a bookstore, Storybook Cosmetics. The idea was simple… make fandom themed cosmetics and cosmetics accessories that they want to buy… there are other companies doing this like Espionage Cosmetics and occasionally MAC Cosmetics and Covergirl have put out nerdy or pop culture themed lines. But these girls wanted to do it differently and they started with a simple collection of makeup brushes that look like the famous magic wands from the Harry Potter films. The ladies are no strangers to production of items as they have worked with suppliers and designers overseas for years to make custom jewelry and accessories for their other businesses and they are quite business savvy. However, the first go around the ladies announced their wands on instagram and the world ate it up – selling out of their maximum order they could do in a presale in a matter of hours… their instagram images were featured on every major beauty site, magazine, and blog right away – and despite the demand the ladies did the one presale and that was it. This first line wasn’t licensed and they have been learning all about licensing since then…

(Photo from Storybook Cosmetics)

after the high demand on the first set of wand brushes they went back to the drawing board asking fans and followers for their input on a second set of wand brushes using all original designs that they created themselves not based on the Harry Potter franchise … those were released for presale and also sold out right away.

(Photos from Storybook Cosmetics)

So, what comes next???? Well, the ladies have been in talks with Disney/Lucas films, HBO, and so many more cool franchises about licenses to a ton of fandom themed items that include a gold quill and ink eyeliner, arrow brushes, rose face brushes, liquid lipsticks, and of course eyeshadow palettes that look like actual storybooks and are based on your favorite fandoms… including  some of your favorite witches, wizards, a chocolate factory, a burn book, and so much more.

(Photo from Storybook Cosmetics)

With all of this going on – of course these ladies are busy and they base their business on YOUR feedback and are completely run by their family. So… now what you have been really waiting for… The impossible happened and I actually got my hands on a set of the wand brushes… after about 4 attempts of recording an unboxing video and review — here is the only video that I shot that worked!

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