Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!

We are so excited to wish a very happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek!

This fandom has meant so much to so many people over the course of the past 50 years, and we at Fashionably Nerdy are no exception.

Many of us have taken to Facebook over the past day or so to proclaim our love of all things Star Trek with fun custom profile pictures (even if three out of four of us went with the exact same frame…ooops).

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Facebook isn’t the only company celebrating!

Photo courtesy of HerUniverse.com

Hop on over to Her Universe before Sunday September 11th to enjoy 30% off your purchase of all Star Trek items (excluding Sale Items).

I am eyeing this 50th Anniversary Best Lines T (Also available in Plus Sizes).

Photo courtesy of HerUniverse.com

The Captain Picardigan has also been on my wish list for a pretty long time. I may have to finally pull the trigger on this purchase now that Her Universe is offering such a sweet deal!

Photo courtesy of HerUniverse.com

We have been trying to find out whether any other fandom shops are doing discounts for the anniversary, but have not found any yet. 

Please post in the comment box below and let us know what other sits (if any) are having sales, or let us know what your favorite company to purchase Star Trek fandom items is.