Geek Fashion Invades Comic Con

Fashionably Nerdy was all over Comic Con from Modeling in the Fashion Show, Appearing on Panels, Periscoping in Panels (so you at home could be apart of them), doing signings, performing on trains and on stages, covering parties and fashion (duh), sipping cocktails, and throwing our own amazing mixer & happy hour… we were everywhere! So, it should be no surprise that Fashionably Nerdy is being mentioned in all sorts of articles popping up post-Comic Con. It should be no surprise – but truth be told – we are super surprised! We are compiling a list of articles we are mentioned in – or even just geek fashion is mentioned in! Go read and spread the gospel that boring t-shirts just will not do – we want fashion, we want clothes that fit, are flattering, and tell the world what we are all about! (***Check back in as this list will grow)

Articles & Interviews FN appears in:

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Geek Fashion Articles & Interviews:

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Articles our FN team appear in:

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