Geek Chic Maternity : Fandom Maternity Unbagging & Review

I am so excited to share my unbagging video (above) and my photos and review of the 2 tees I received from Fandom Maternity. I choose 2 of my favorite fandoms Game of Thrones and Harry Potter but Fandom Maternity carries most of my favorite franchises with shirts for mom, dad, and kiddos in styles including Nintendo, Doctor Who, and Star Wars too!

mod6 mod7

I am extremely pleased with the fit of these tees, they fit true to size, and have ruching on the sides to make the fit flattering. The screenprinting on these is an image transfer but because the graphics aren’t large but more intricate smaller details the print lays nicely on the bump. I have gotten many compliments on these tees.


I got to take advantage of the changing colors of the leaves…

mod4 mod3

This skirt comes from Target, it’s one of the non-maternity pieces that I could still wear
(I was at 26 weeks when these shots were taken). I loved wearing it to complete my Game of Thrones look because it has little symbols all over it including suns (that remind me of the Martels), arrows (that remind me of Ygrritte and the Wildlings), and moons (that remind me of the Targaryens). I bought it on clearance several years ago for something crazy like $5.

mod2 mod1
(Photos by Gabriel Pressman)

Since I started wearing the “Mother of Dragons” Tee – it has been the shirt I get the most compliments on. I even wore it a Game of Thrones event and it was pretty EPIC!

I’m now at 32 weeks and my other shirt I received from Fandom Maternity is this awesome Harry Potter “Mischief Managed” Tee (photographed last week)


This tee is also ruched on the sides giving it that flattering maternity fit that hugs the curves of your body

An amazing surprise I didn’t notice until I walked into my bedroom at night was that 2 of the sets of little footprints on the shirt ‘Glow In The Dark’ and i find that so super adorable and like the best surprise ever.

I paired this tee with
Motherhood Maternity Capri Leggings 
Constellation TOMS
Chewbeads Necklace
Round Glasses from Zenni Optical

Creating a tiny human inside you is super exciting but the growing body and belly, the mood swings, the cravings, the things you can’t eat, the nausea, the weird pains, the sleep issues can put a lot of damper on the happiness of the whole situation. So, sometimes the little things like adorable shirts that show off the amazing crazy miracle happening inside you are just what you need. At least, they are just what I need to lift my spirits.

(Photos by MacKenzie Lenora)

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