Geek Chic Events: Game of Bloggers at SDCC 2017

Crazy 4 Comic Con‘s Tony B Kim is a staple of nerd fashion and blogging at Comic Con year after year – and after starting his own line, Hero Within last year and really stepping up men’s geek chic apparel it totally makes sense that his Bloggers Party, “Game of Bloggers”, at SDCC this year had a patio full of awesome fashion designers featured at this event. We were so happy to see the delightful smiling faces of Tiffany Mink (Whosits and Whatsits) and Linda Heredia (1138 Clothing) – and even Jordandene had a table (though she wasn’t able to make it to the party) representing as well as awesome fashion bloggers such as Le Fancy Geek‘s NinaSuit Up, and Geek Out‘s Michael Pao… and Geeky GlamourousMandy Roman. The event was emceed by Miss Kari Lane looking lovely in BlackMilk Clothing. Check out our photo’s below.