Geek Chic Beauty: Swan Princess Nail Wraps from Espionage Cosmetics

Nostalgia takes over as The Swan Princess nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics become available for preorder!

In May, Espionage Cosmetics celebrated their 6th year anniversary as a company with numerous updates from new nail wrap sizes to new makeup palettes and more. To conclude the anniversary celebrations, the team based in Tacoma, Washington announced their collaboration with Lawless Entertainment on The Swan Princess nail wraps.

Three designs for the beloved animated film franchise are now available for preorder on the Espionage Cosmetics website.

The Swan Princess || PRESALE

Espionage Cosmetics began its adventure in 2011 when a team of Nerd Misfits banded together to fill a void in the beauty industry. The question stood: What about the geek girls who love and stock up on makeup and nail art as much as they stock up on issues of their favorite comics? From that question came forth the world of Nerd Makeup and Nerd Manicures inspired by all things in the geeky ‘verse. From video games to comics to our love of the fandom community…. You name it. Espionage is there.

Based in Tacoma, Washington, the for nerds by nerds company Espionage Cosmetics creates cruelty free products for their nail art and makeup line. All this is done while constantly brainstorming crazy “what if?!?!” ideas, product research, and marketing strategies. In other words, Espionage Cosmetics is a Juggernaut of mad-sciencing, so when there’s an idea, it’s not too far off from happening.

Nail art lovers can subscribe to NEXUS for a monthly delivery of two, new nail wrap designs. A winning design is chosen each month by subscribers to be given a permanent home in the Espionage Cosmetics nail art line. Love makeup, nail art, and miscellaneous geeky goods? Espionage Cosmetics also offers a quarterly subscription service called the BOOM!Box. Each “geek boutique in a box” takes on a theme to expand your nerd universe! Both can be found at