Geek Chic Beauty: Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette REAL Vs FAKE

I was recently gifted TWO Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palettes
because everyone knows it’s no secret I love Harry Potter… but I soon noticed one is the real thing and the other is a fakey fake…

So, what is the difference…


1- The Packaging
The real packaging is actually a little larger, a little lighter in color, it comes with a velvet bag, has lines that look like a pages of a book, the mirror is a little larger the print is a little smaller under the mirror, the ingredients are listed on the back

The fake is a really good knock off – and uses their same wording and logos… but does not list the ingredients

2The Product
The real is so buttery smooth – great pigment – great coverage – one of the best palettes of eye shadow I have ever seen – some shimmers and some mattes – all the makeup is safe to use — A+++

The fake is a really good knock off – almost none of the colors are the same as the original and some of the colors have great pigment while others leave a lot to be desired – some colors are no where near the original though they have tried to keep them similar

3- Colors

(real on right)


from left to right (Real is on Left / Fake is on Right)
R&F: Broomstick, R&F: Sorcerer, R&F: Cloak

Real: Matte Chocolate Brown
Fake: Matte Red Clay Brown

Real: Metallic Deep Burgundy Red
Fake: Metallic Glittery Bright Red (not good consistency)

Real: Matte Deep Greyish Taupe
Fake: Metallic Dark Silver

from left to right (Real is on Left / Fake is on Right)
R&F: Potions, R&F: Prophecy, R&F: Salem

Real: Metallic Deep Olive Green
Fake: Metallic Bright Glittery Green

Real: Matte (slight shimmer) baby pink (really thick pigment)
Fake: Metallic (super shimmer) white silver (with pink undertones)

Real: Metallic Golden Brown
Fake: Metallic Red Brown

from left to right (Real is on Left / Fake is on Right)
R&F: Merlin, R&F: Bewitched, R&F: Cauldron

Real: Metallic Deep Navy (with hints of purple shimmer)
Fake: Metallic Bright Blue (not nearly as much pigment)

Real: Metallic Rose Gold (so amazingly buttery)
Fake: Metallic Deep Copper (so amazingly buttery)

Real: Metallic Gunmetal Grey
Fake: Metallic Blackish Gunmetal Grey (poor pigmentation)

from left to right (Real is on Left / Fake is on Right)
R&F: Spellbook, R&F: Charms, R&F: Jinx

Real: Metallic Deep Reddish Brown
Fake: Metallic Sparkly Brown

Real: Matte Deep Peach
Fake: Metallic Rose Blush

Real: Metallic Shimmery Silver (Super Buttery Great Pigment)
Fake: Metallic Rose Gold (Super Buttery Great Pigment)

My Honest Opinion:
I think the real thing is the better palette + it’s a plus that I know everything is safe and manufactured in the USA. I personally know the ladies that are behind Storybook Cosmetics and I know all the hard work that went into formulating the makeup in this palette to be the most top notch product out there and they did a really good job – the palette retails for $52 USD – Which is pretty standard for department store cosmetic products and especially palettes. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this palette.

The fake is a good knockoff. Since the colors are similar but not the same its almost a good companion to the real thing – I actually could see myself using both palettes together – However, who knows if I would break out or have any other issues since this product is made in China and I don’t know what’s in it. But this fake one retails for about $20 I think.

My only real issue with the real palette at all is that… it’s made to be the size of a book – but like a thick hardcover novel… so while this is my favorite palette ever… I can’t really carry it in my makeup bag cause it’s just too big to fit in it, maybe next time It could be a paperback.