Geek Chic Beauty: Espionage Cosmetics RPG Pigment Palette

Espionage Cosmetics (one of our go-to makeup brands) recently announced they were switching things up and though they were known for doing nerdy nail wraps and fandom collections of loose pigment powders – they were going to clear their stock and try something different… Fandom Themed Pigment Palettes! Their first, two palettes an RPG themed palette, and a wizarding themed palette are available now for pre-order and we got a sneak peek – check out the RPG palette in this video below…

I really like this palette and as a faithful customer of Espionage Cosmetics I’m sad to see the loose powders go – because they were super fun to use as contours, or to mix with their lipglosses to make custom lipshades… but these are way less messy – I had many a makeup bag coated in the past with a loose powder pigment whose cap had gone awry.  The colors don’t disappoint and are highly pigmented.

These palettes are available currently for pre-order...
they cost $35 and you get a lotta color bang for your buck!

What Fandom Would You Like A Palette For Next?
I’d love a Doctor Who themed Palette — with the perfect shade of TARDIS Blue….