Geek Chic Babies: Building a Nerdy Nursery: Art: Cristina Garcia Ganga

So, having a baby is a daunting task – getting pregnant, growing it, getting it out of you, and then bringing it home?! It just sounds crazy, right?

One of the coolest parts of the process is creating a unique living space for your tiny human but, that part can be a little overwhelming too. I have been super lucky that my partner and I agreed on a theme and a few key ideas for the space right off the bat (It’s even more important because our nursery space is living in our bedroom for the next 1-2 years because we love our one bedroom apartment).

We agreed on a space themed nursery. We both love all things space and science and decided our child would probably be into it too… and especially since we were holding off on learning the gender until our tiny human arrived in the world we wanted something super fun, sophisticated, and gender neutral. We knew that by waiting to find out the gender that also saved us from an onslaught of overly gender specific toys, decor, and personalized art for our space station. Another thing we agreed on right away was the idea of commissioning different illustrators to create portraits of some of our relatives (mostly the ones that our baby names came from) in completely different art styles… but the catch was we wanted all the art to be of these people as astronauts or in space. So, we reached out to several artists and the results are incredible.

This is my Great Aunt Alice. Alice was an incredibly kind and gentle woman. She never ever let me forget that I fit in the palms of her hands or that she bathed me in the sink when I was an infant.  I remember her tucking me in for naps, coloring with her, watching ‘Jeopardy’ or ‘Press Your Luck’, and as I got older helping her with her volunteer work. We had a very special friendship. When she passed away I inherited her beautiful ring that she always wore and I wear it all the time as a reminder to try to be as giving, caring, sweet, and gentle as she was. She never married or had any children so her nieces and nephews were all her children and she took great pride in that. We wish she could meet our tiny human. In honor of her if we have a girl her middle name will be Alice and this beautiful portrait will hang above our tiny human to remember her.

I am super in love with the portrait, the style, and I especially love the little detail that says “Alice” on her space suit! This art was done by Cristina Garcia Ganga an amazing illustrator from Spain. I found her artwork awhile ago on Etsy and was following her and when we had this idea I reached out immediately. Her turn around was super quick and she sent me a large image file that we can have printed and framed however we like. I highly recommend her if you are interested in commissioning your own special portraits.  You can find her on Etsy here:

or on her own website here:

Some more examples of her amazing work:

Isn’t she fabulous?

What kinda art do you have or have you used in your nursery?