Five Four MARVEL Men’s Line

So, The Five Four “Clothing Club” (you pay a flat fee like Loot Crate and every month they send you clothes) announced a few weeks ago a collaboration with Marvel to bring classy style to our nerdy men. Their most drastic and exciting piece being a beautifully tailored “slim” suit jacket lined with an Iron Man print fabric. We contacted their PR team when this was announced but have yet to hear back from them… so, you now know just as much as we do about this line. It is like disney-bounding as far as we can see – with red and white stripe details on cuffs and a few thematic t-shirts, the line isn’t a huge… WOW… but it is definitely a step in the right direction towards awesome men’s wear featuring your favorite fandoms.

  • Jack Saat

    YES!! Definitely a step in the right direction indeed! 🙂

    • thefashionablynerdy

      We are so excited to finally be seeing a bit more creativity in the Men’s Nerdy Fashion department. Looking forward to so much more in the future.