Fashionably Nerdy’s Throwing Our First Ever Comic-Con Mixer & Cocktail Hour!

At Fashionably Nerdy it has always been our mission to connect designers and fans. That’s why this event we have been planning is so exciting, getting to bring all the fans of geek chic fashion together with the designers that are creating it.  We expect a bunch of the designers to be there – but even those who can’t make it have generously sponsored the event and provided goodies for the coolest goodie bags SDCC has ever seen! We only have a few of these incredible goodie bags for the first few fashionistas and fashionist-sirs that arrive. But, don’t fret… everyone that signs in will be entered in a free drawing for even more awesome door prizes!

This is also very exciting for us to meet those of you out there that love nerd fashion as much as we do and want more of it.  Season 2 of Fashionably Nerdy is almost coming to an end and we are coming back for Season 3, we’d love your input on what you want to see more of… or any new ideas you have to make our show amazing!

What should you wear to this event? Your favorite Geek Chic outfit of course! We will have a prize for best dressed!

When & Where:
Friday at 5pm at The Lobby Bar at The Grand Manchester Hyatt
(2 doors down from the convention center)

Important Info:
Because the Goodie Bags are first come… it’s important that we tell you
We will not be there till 4:30pm! You will not be able to get a gift bag till 5pm!
We really don’t want to upset the hotel – so, please do not campout…
Please do purchase a cocktail, relax, and meet your fellow fashion nerds.
Please be respectful of all staff & us (we know free stuff sometimes makes us all ‘Hulk Out’)
Because this event takes place at a bar – we have to ask that you be 21+
It’s free to get in though once we reach capacity you may need to wait to get in.
No badges are needed… (badges are hard to get, we understand we have all been to that place where you can only get a one-day Sunday badge).
So, if you are a geek and into fashion you are welcome here.
If you are attending this event – you are agreeing to be filmed or photographed
and have your image and likeness posted right here on
(so, look cute — especially If you wanna leave with some awesome swag!)

We will have a sign-in area – the door prizes will be drawn from this list… so give us your name, your twitter, and email so we can get you… your prizes.

Now for the best part…

Our list of SPONSORS is outrageous! We have complied the coolest stuff from the most awesome designers out there! Which includes:

Jordan Dene
Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.12.04 PM

Whosits & Whatsits
Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.13.27 PM

Her Universe
Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.16.24 PM

Espionage Cosmetics

Lunar Descent
Lunar Descent

Black Milk Clothing
Black Milk Clothing

Out Of Print
Out of Print

We Love Fine
We Love Fine

Fatal Fox
Fatal Fox

Cupcake Quarterly Magazine
Cupcake Quarterly Magazine

Urban Decay Cosmetics
Urban Decay Cosmetics

Gold Bubble Clothing
Gold Bubble Clothing


Chubby Bunny
Chubby Bunny

Girl with One Eye Fashion
Girl with One Eye Fashion

Firefly Path
Firefly Path

Adorkable Apparel
Adorkable Apparel

Graphic Lab Tees

Wow Wee
The Kneady Bakery / 2 Baked Girls

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.50.29 PM

Castle Corsetry
Castle Corsetry

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

1138 Clothing

Black Tie Geek
Black Tie Geek

Fashion Tap App

Nerd Girl Britt
Accessories by Nerd Girl Britt

The Library Bards
The Library Bards

Frakkin Frocks
Frakkin Frocks

A Bird In The Hand

Just Knotting Around

The Colorful Geek

Hello Quirky

Art On It’s Side

Hint Water

As you can see we have an impressive list of sponsors providing us with goodies for this event and we hope you take a look at all their sites and shop with them regularly. We will post pictures and videos from the event after SDCC. If you cannot make it to this event we hope to do more events like this around the country and will have some extra special online giveaways too.  Feel free to leave a comment about where you’d like to see us next!

Thank you to all our friends and sponsors and we can’t wait to see you this Friday!

  • Jack Saat

    This will be one of the best Comic-Con events!!