Fashionably Nerdy Weddings: Our Magical Harry Potter Nuptials

For my husband Mark and I, it didn’t take us very long to decide to create a whimsical Harry Potter Celebration for our big day. Both lifelong nerds, he and I had bonded over multiple fandoms over the course of our five year relationship, but Harry Potter had always been particularly special to our relationship. After we shot stunning Harry Potter engagement photos, we were even able to get our families on board. Wanting the day to vibrant and colorful, we planned a springtime celebration with our families and friends in Johnstown, PA. The wedding was photographed by the incomparable Raffa Stock, who didn’t miss capturing a single detail of this spectacular day.  The ceremony was held at the Holy Assumption (of Saint Mary) Orthodox Church in Central City, PA, on May 18, 2013 and the reception followed at the Ambrosia Restaurant Dining Hall in Johnstown, PA.

All Photos by Raffa Stock.