Fashionably Nerdy Maternity: Bravado Nursing Bras

Having babies is so weird – your body changes so much – and sometimes you don’t know what to do with it all… It gets even weirder after the baby comes out and you are shooting (literally shooting) milk all over the place from your mammories.  So with all the craziness of what your body is going through the whole breast feeding thing is even weirder – it takes some getting used to – and I realized right away I had to throw out all my modest notions to be able to feed my hungry babe right away when my parents were in my living room all day and all night to spend time with their grandchild – they wanted to be here and Lulu wanted to eat so I just had to feed her…no matter who was around – Now, I am seriously one of the most modest people you will ever know (as best as you can know someone through the internet) but somehow you just get over it – because your crying child is hungry and you are her food supply. That being said there are ways to be a little more modest in these moments – and more comfortable and ways to gain easier more discreet access for your kiddo to Boob City. Nursing tops, dresses, and bras are amazing… and my favorite bras have been these amazing nursing bras by Bravado. I have 3 Bras and a Nursing Tank from Bravado. I love these so much it almost makes it ok that I have to sleep in them every night so i can also wear nursing pads — because If I don’t I wet the bed with my geyser-like boobies.

I just got finished telling you how modest I am – so now take a look a pictures of me in my bra…

The support in these bras is never going to be as good as your regular bras unless you wear bras without underwire normally  (That Is something I can not normally do but while preparing to feed my wombmate my tatas got to a size where nothing fit right except these nursing bras) but these are very comfortable – and have removable foam pads inside for comfort, leak protection, and support (but i can’t express again how much I love nursing pad inserts — because I am a never ending fountain of milk and I would just be puddles without nursing pads)

I own this bra in this turquoise color (pictured), a burgundy, and a beige. Though I just saw a purple one with polka dots on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website – and you gotta love those $5 off and 20% off coupons so I may have to get that one too! I’ve also seen shiny, sexy numbers, pink ones, and more polka dots available on So let the fun and fashionable days of nursing begin!

check out my 2 unboxing videos below…

What nursing bras do you swear by?
Am I a MILF yet?