Fashionably Nerdy Adventures: Los Angeles Nerd Travel Guide

Are you a Los Angeles resident or just coming to LA for a couple of days and want to find fandom related things to do and see that interest your geeky heart? We have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Los Angeles (or the Los Angeles area) that will fulfill all your geeky needs.

Book Stores & Comics

The Last Bookstore: a huge new and used bookstore located downtown in an old bank building. Upstairs there is a book labyrinth which is a great place to take photos.

Meltdown Comics & The Nerdist Showroom: one of the biggest and best comic book stores in LA – they often host awesome events and podcasts and performances. Meltdown is located in Hollywood.

The Perky Nerd: an amazing female owned comic book shop in Burbank – they have a gallery of nerdy art, sell coffee and gifts and hosts awesome events!

Iliad Bookstore: located in North Hollywood the Iliad is an amazing used bookstore.


Whimsic Alley: Harry Potter and fandom themed Shop with little rooms that look like Diagon Alley and house merchandise from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and so much more! They also host events in
their gorgeous Great Hall.

JapanLA: Super Kawaii Funtime shop located on the Melrose shopping strip in Hollywood.

Halloween Town: The sell home goods and costumes year round – 2 shops located in Burbank.

Dark Delicacies: Horror themed shop that sells collectables, clothing, accessories and holds events and signing regularly

The Time Travel Mart: A convenience store for your time travel needs – proceeds benefit a charity to help students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write


Unique Vintage: New but Vintage inspired and Nerdy finds located in Burbank.

Pinup Girl Clothing: New but Vintage inspired and Nerdy finds located in Burbank.

It’s a Wrap: TV shows and Movies buy clothing to use as wardrobe for their productions – once filming is done they sell these clothes to It’s a Wrap (2 locations Westwood & Burbank) and consumers can purchase items 2nd hand that are labeled by what they were used on.

Bearded Lady Vintage (and Oddities): Is a different take on your ordinary vintage store with a creative side show circus theme.


Harry Potter Improv at The Pack: Love Harry Potter? Wish there were more books and movies? “The Show That Shall Not Be Named” takes the world of Harry Potter and creates new stories you have never heard and new characters you’ve never seen – making it all up right in front of your eyes based on YOUR suggestion. They often give out prizes and play trivia and games before or after their shows – and bonus points if you come in costume! “The Show That Shall Not Be Named” performs the 3rd Thursday of every month at 8pm at The Pack Theater in Hollywood and The Pack is a “pay what you can” theater

D&D Improv at The Pack: “Drunkards and Dragons” is one of LA’s longest running improv teams and to top it off they perform in the world of Dungeons and Dragons… it’s fun and raunchy and you get to be a part of this choose your own adventure type show when the 20-sided die of destiny is thrown to you – everyone counts to 3 and yells Huzzah as you roll to find out where the quest will go next. The Pack Theater is in Hollywood and “Drunkards and Dragons” performs the 2nd Thursday of Every Month at 8pm. Bonus : The show is pay what you can!

Genre Improv at The Impro: The Impro Theater in Los Feliz features many house teams performing improvised versions of your favorite fandoms including improvised Jane Austen and Improvised Star Trek.

The Magic Castle: Hard to get into (must be invited by a member). Like the name suggest it’s a castle where magicians from all over the world come to perform – there are also bars, a restaurant, and a piano playing ghost that takes requests. Dress code is strictly enforced. Our own Bonnie performs regularly at the castle!

Mint on Card Comedy at Blast From The Past: Stand Up Comics making jokes about nerdy things in a collectables shop in Burbank

Dungeon Master: Dress up in your questing best and create a character to jump into a unique entertainment experience where a LARP meets a theater piece. It’s up to you if you choose to be apart of the show or if you just want to watch… as members of the audience apply before the show to be one of the members of the questing party (5 out of 6 members of the Fashionably Nerdy team met while performing as cast members of DM and several still are part of the cast)

El Capitan: Disney’s Movie Palace located on Hollywood Blvd on The Hollywood Walk of Fame – see your favorite Disney film (they show classics and new films) that often include a cool pre or post show experience and gallery of some sort of art having to do with the film you are seeing.


Labyrinth of Jareth : Late Summer this event is by far the most beautiful event in LA – 2 nights in a row a gorgeous masquerade ball takes over the famous biltmore hotel downtown and transports you to the scene straight from the Labyrinth… they play the songs and you can dance – they have live bands, dance lessons, a tea room, live performances, and more…

Myth Mask: Similar to LOJ (see above) but run by different people

Edwardian Ball: just as it sounds… a ball set in Edwardian Era

Nerds Like Us  – Movie Nights: Your favorite classic nerdy films shown in a retro theater with special guests from the films

Cinespia: movies at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery (cemetery were tons of celebs are buried) – sounds creepy but is super cool – enjoy a classic film with an awesome themed photo booth and Q&A with members of the film making team or stars from the film – every summer – bring a picnic dinner, chairs, blankets, flameless candles – it’s an LA thing…

Museums & Galleries
Museum of Jurassic Technology: “The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, California is an educational institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the public appreciation of the Lower Jurassic”

Gallery 1988 : always has gallery events with nerdy themed art

Museum at FIDM: exhibits from top TV and film projects

Creature Features: “If you love all things “Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy” this is the place to go! Great, helpful, friendly staff with cool monthly exhibits, signings, etc”

For Nerds in LA the Barcade is the ruler of the Bar – where you can order alcoholic beverages and play video games all night – and there is no shortage of barcades the list includes:

The One Up: This spot on Venture Blvd in Sherman Oaks lets users play on new cabinets unlimited free games

Blipsy’s: Vintage Cabinet’s, Cheap Drinks in Koreatown

EightyTwo: Downtown’s barcade

Button Mash: Asian Fusion and arcade in Echo Park

Neon Retro Arcade : If you are venturing out to Pasadena this is the spot for you


Geeky Teas: Geek themed tea blends, game room, community hub, British food market, cat rescue, game store and geeky gifts

Yuko Kitchen: Delicious Japanese Fusion Cuisine and inside you can watch Studio Ghibli Films while you eat (2 locations one downtown by last bookstore and one in mid-wilshire by Whimsic Alley)

Steampunk Coffeebar + Kitchen: Just like it sounds a steampunk themed Coffee Bar in Valley Village

Story Tavern: A gaming pub in Bubank

Game Häus Cafe : A gamers tavern in Glendale

Moby’s: A quirky coffee shop in North Hollywood

The Bun Shop: partially owned by Steven Yeun and has Walking Dead stuff

Jurassic Restaurant: Dinosaur/Jungle themed decor and Taiwanese food located in The City of Industry.

Cotton Hi: Interesting and unique flavors of soft serve and cotton candy together or separate in Korea Town

JPL : The NASA Jet Propulsion Lab has family days and tours periodically located in Pasadena

The Griffith Observatory: A popular filming location – also a museum and planetarium

Frank and Sons : No big comic book conventions the week you are coming to LA… it’s all good – Frank and Son’s is a bit of a drive but is like if a Comic Book Convention and a Swap Meet fell in love and had a baby – sometimes there are big guests and signings and best of all this takes place every weekend!

Wondercon : The little sister of San Diego Comic Con this convention is run by the same folks and is located in Anaheim – every spring

Wyrd Con: Are you into LARPing? This is the convention for you – located in Orange County this happens in the spring.

Los Con: Literary Convention

Strategicon: Strategicon and it’s siblings GameX, and OrcCon are gaming conventions that feature tables and computers for every RPG ever played for you to meet other RPGers and share your love for your games – they also have some live performances and events throughout the weekend.

Gallifrey One: The Doctor Who Convention – hard to get tickets – but worth the struggle this is every summer

Whedonopolis / WhedonCon: The Joss Whedon Con – all things Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Avengers, Dr Horrible, Dollhouse and more!

LACC: Los Angeles Comic Con (formally Comikaze): is the convention partially owned by Stan Lee – It’s the largest comic book convention in LA. Tons of guests, great panels, and vendors. Takes place every Halloween at Los Angeles Convention Center

Anime Expo: One of the biggest conventions in the world – if you love Anime you can never feel alone – takes place every summer at the Los Angeles Convention Center (around July 4th)

Tourist Stuff

Disneyland: Star Wars land coming soon – need I say more?

Medieval Times: sure they have medieval times in lots of cities… but it doesn’t mean it still isn’t fun to sip boozey beverages, eat a chicken, tomato soup, and cheer for your knight… bonus points if you dress in costume

Pirate Dinner Adventure: I’ve never been but I hear it’s medieval times but with pirates

Universal Studios: Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Nintendo (coming soon) if you are a nerd you want to go here just to have lunch at the Three Broomsticks and enjoy a butterbeer.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The best part about this tour is that it is tailored for your group – you get in a big golf cart that fits up to 10 people and you tour the lot with your own personal guide – so if there are shows you love that are currently filming on the lot tell your guide and they can make it a priority to show you things that pertain to the things you like… meaning that this tour is a different experience every time you take it. Downside to the tour… I’ve never run into Wacko, Yacko, or Dot…

Ok, so that does it for my LA travel guide for my geeky and nerdy friends! Did I miss a place you love or is there a place you’d love to know more about… let us know – leave your comments below!