Fashionably Fit: Gadgets

As we are rounding the end of the year and preparing for hitting those holiday feasts it’s only natural to reflect on treating our bodies better, and with that comes those awesome new year resolutions. You have probably been debating whether or not a fitness tracker can help you in your pursuit to be better for you. I was and so the past few months I have been trying a few out. There are a bunch of fitness trackers out there on the market and they all have pros and cons and some special features and then there are some that are just more fashionable than others. So, I want to review my 2 favorites that I have used extensively and also show you some ways you can make them more fashionable!

The FitBit Charge HR
This is a great device with a price tag of around $150 it does a lot –
it monitors movement including steps and stairs, your sleep, and also your heart rate.
It looks like a watch and the watch feature is useful with a simple push of the side button or tap the time appears. I think this device tracks everything very well and the app is both easy to use and read. The battery can be charged using a USB cable that can plug into your computer or the wall. Battery life lasts approx. 5 days with regular to light use. One of my favorite features is the alarm which is set through the app: The fit  bit will gently vibrate your wrist to wake you up which is so much more pleasant that any sound based alarm. This is also great for those that wear earplugs, are hard of hearing, or that just feel shaken by noises in the morning.

I am also a huge fan of the caller ID: Your Fitbit tells you using vibration 1 time when a call is incoming and who it is from. I typically keep my phone on silent or do not disturb and this is so helpful. It is available in multiple colors and though I was very torn between the plum and the black , I eventually went for the black.

The MisFit Shine


This device is sleek and cute and carries a price tag of about $70. It monitors movement, steps, stairs, and sleep. It does not monitor your heart rate. It does tell time but only in increments of 5 minutes. It shows you your daily progress using the same method of telling time which is through a series of light up dots tracking your progression like a graph when your goal is met it flashes in a beautiful display of happiness.

One of my favorite features of this device is it’s battery. It takes a watch battery instead of a rechargeable, so you do not have to take off your device to charge it for an hour every few days. I am also a fan of the fact it is waterproof which means you don’t have to remove it to swim, shower, or do very sweaty workouts for the risk of killing your device. MisFit recently even released a Speedo edition just for swimmers to more accurately track their swimming. The device also updates it’s software when you sync it with the app.

The device is simply the disk and is usually sold in a set that includes a rubber band to wear around your wrist (my preferred method) and a little rubber keychain that can be worn on your clothes placed in your pocket or used on your keys. The disk is available in many colors as are the bands. Though of course I opted for the simple black band and disk.

Smart-Watches-Wristband-Watch-Reloj-Telefono-Display-Caller-ID-Alarm-Pedometer-Misfit-Shine-Pulseras-Inteligentes-Compatibles sku_391215_2

So, what fashionable variations are there on these devices… can you make them even cuter?

MisFit makes a few beautiful necklace holders as an option.

FitBit has teamed up with designer, Tori Burch for some gorgeous (and expensive) jewelry for the Fitbit Flex (a cheaper and more striped down model)
1_6_ToryBurchFitBitBracelet_copy fitbit-tory-burch simple.b-cssdisabled-jpg.h5cdac905dd78a54d6718176d262d361f.pack

On etsy you can find some FitBling

Or add statement touches like these to make it more of a bracelet
also from an etsy seller, TechGlam

Or this from FitnessBandWraps

I am however, disappointed that there are not cool nerdy covers – no Star Wars, no Marvel – these guys are all certainly missing the mark.

How about additional apps to make your experience better?

I was using a FitRPG app that awarded points when I set goals through the app and completed them based on my activity. I could later use these points to buy weapons, armor, and battle monsters just like you would in your favorite role-playing games based on my level of XP and activity.

I was saddened by the rate in which I would soar through the goals and use them all up, and they were not updated. Also very few friends were also part of the app which I assume is half the fun is playing these games with your friends. I hope more apps like this come up that make your fitness routine more nerdy!

The truth is – these devices are awesome – and whichever one you choose – you will probably be happy with – I love wearing either. I only wish there were more ways to make the experience nerdier! I  also just got one of the FitBit Aria scales to help track my progress daily. Technology is pretty awesome we are obviously living in the future people… SCIENCE!!!