Fashion, Nerdy, and Makeup Subscription Boxes Galore!

There are a lot of subscription boxes out there for nerds these days and for fashion and makeup enthusiasts too… I thought I would show you some of the ones I have tried the month of September and review them a bit…  so here goes

Loot Crate
Nerdy Goodies
subscriptions cost anywhere from $15-20 a month depending on how many months you buy at once
All boxes have themes – my favorites have been Fantasy, Hero, Space, Covert, etc
I have had a subscription for over a year – maybe even 2 about 2 years at this point and it’s beginning to lose the magic I used to love – however a few months ago their Fantasy Crate featured a lot of my favorite fandoms… so there are always a few surprises. September’s theme was Summon —- it was ok, but I’m more excited for next month’s Time Travel theme.

Loot Crate LVL UP+
Nerdy Fashion Accessory Box
About $15 a month
You receive 1-2 fashion accessories based on the theme of the month’s regular Loot Crate.
I have only been receiving this new service for 2 months and while I liked the characters chosen in the LVL UP+ I haven’t been pleased with the quality of the items based on the price point – it feels like you are just getting stuff and not necessarily a good deal.

Geek Fuel
Nerdy Subscription Goody Box
$20-24 a month based on the amount of months purchased
I have only received 1 box thus far but it reminds me a lot of Loot Crate minus the themes. It’s just a bunch of cool stuff in a box. I have no problem with the price on this because I liked everything in the box so it felt like I was getting a good deal for the price point.

Julep Maven
Makeup Subscription Service
About $25 a month
with your Birthday Box Free
Your first month $13
I only did the birthday box thus far – but was surprised that all the products are cruelty free – heathy, and are all Julep brand – which is surprisingly really good. I ended up with an addiction to all the products included.

Espionage Cosmetics
Beta Test of Nerdy Makeup Subscription Box
price about $30 a month
The service will officially start in January though I was lucky enough to get in the last few months of Beta Testing and loved these boxes…
most boxes have brand new designs of nail wraps and some other extra special item like mineral pigments named after your favorite fandoms or accessories for your nail wraps.

My overall opinion… My favorite box was the one from Espionage Cosmetics because I knew I would use everything in it… But boxes like Loot Crate and Geek Fuel are like getting a birthday present each month where they give you a bunch of random presents every month you aren’t sure you will use or like – but the fun is in opening it and being surprised. There are a lot more subscription services out there and we will test as many as we can and tell you our opinions on them – Sam and Meli both get the Fandom of The Month Club Boxes and you can see past reviews right here on!