Espionage Cosmetics Test Drive: Free Trail

If you have been following our blog over the last couple of years, you have no doubt heard of Espionage Cosmetics. After all, we certainly seem to love writing about them.

If you are less familiar with their products, I will give you a quick overview. They sell really cool nerdy makeup and accessories that we have gotten to try a multitude of time over the years. Though all of their makeup is amazing, my personal favorite in their line of nerdy nail wraps to help you create a very geek chic manicure.

Last year, I shopped the amazing Glitter is the New Black Friday sale, and scored a TON of super cheap nail wraps.

Even though they had the amazing sale again this year, I sort of spaced out in the busyness of my week, and missed the sale. That’s okay, though. I shopped today to grab a few Christmas gifts for my friends, and they still have LOTS of wraps on sale for $4 a piece, which is an amazing deal.

Do you know what is even better than $4 nail wraps? Thanks to the folks over at Espionage, today we are inviting you to take a Test Drive of the Espionage Nail wraps, absolutely free!


What does this test drive include?

When you create an account at, you will be prompted to complete a brief survey to redeem your FREE nail wrap package.

The survey will ask if you have ever tried nail wraps before. Once you answer “no” to this question, you will be asked if you would like to try the Espionage wraps for FREE.  I would recommend answering “yes” to this question. 😉

Once prompted to do so, enter your name and address. Processing of the wraps takes 7 days, and shipping will take up to three weeks, but good things come to those who wait.

Each Test Drive package includes three sets of nail wraps…

The first is for you to practice the application process.
The second is for you to enjoy when you’ve mastered the art of nail wraps.
The third is for you to gift a friend or family member….or keep for yourself. We won’t tell!

When we receive our test drive package in a few weeks, we will be sure to come back and give you a full review of the process. In the meantime, sign up for your own test drive now, and try the most amazing nail wraps on the market!