Espionage Cosmetics Opens Doors of Geek Boutique!

There is something so special about a brick & mortar in the day and age where Amazon is our go to for everything from power cords, shampoo, and clothing. In Los Angeles we are so spoiled to have shops specifically for our fandoms. But what about the rest of the world? Seattle, WA is this hidden gem of nerdy featuring so many nerdy bars and restaurants and now in the suburbs in Tacoma, WA there’s a special place to shop for all things geek too! Espionage Cosmetics has opened their own store where you can buy of course all of their fabulous makeup and nail wraps but can also buy clothing and odds and ends.

The Geek Boutique by Espionage Cosmetics opened it’s doors on August 16th, 2015 with a huge party that included stormtroopers, music, and food.

The store is featuring products by designers such as Jordandene, Castle Corsetry, Throwboy, Geek Star Costuming, MarninSaylor, Geeky Hostess, Ow! My Foot, and Optimystical Studios.

Want to visit while in the Seattle Area or live nearby check them out at

707 Pacific Ave. Tacoma WA 98402

Here is some info from their website…

“From the merry band of Nerd Misfits that brought you Espionage Cosmetics and the #NerdManciures and #NerdMakeup of your fandom dreams comes: THE GEEK BOUTIQUE! A storefront IRL that lets you shop ALL of the Espionage Cosmetics products in person! From our Everything Shadows to our Nail Wraps. Our Bath Bombs to our Lip Serums. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MOAR! In addition to being able to shop all of the EC products IRL the GEEK BOUTIQUE stocks some of our favorite products from other companies like ours! #ForNerdsByNerds! Want to see what we have up our sleeve? Join us at our Flagship store in Tacoma, WA!

Espionage Cosmetics is run by an all-pro, all–nerd team that is passionate about all of the geeky stuff in the ’verse. We believe make–up is just one more way to feel amazing about your stylish, nerd–tastic self.

Since 2011, our team of determined nerd misfits has been constantly busy with crazy “what if?!?” ideas, crazier product research and marketing strategy, and lots of mad–sciencing. We’re constantly dreaming up new product lines and finding new ways to reach and respond to our customers. Killer convention booths, special retail events, online promotions, and the most colorful, creative Instagram feed and followers – we do it all with the loving obsession of your garden variety nerd fanatic.

And it’s working! From collaborations with big name properties to shout outs from bona fide nerd celebrities to our constantly expanding hordes of loyal customers, Espionage is steadily, exponentially growing. And every step of the way, we bring gorgeous colors and products for every style and level of expertise; Make–up for all!

But The Glitter Army will not be sated! We are expanding beyond our cosmetics lines to bring you hair accessories, jewelry, beanies, tees, and other items, both online AND in our NEW RETAIL STOREFRONT! We will be working with more companies that are #ForNerdsByNerds to bring you the best in geeky goodies to keep you looking fresh!…

Check out some photos from their opening event below…
photos by Vanessa Vancuren & Amy Skinner
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    This is so amazing!!
    Wish I could visit!