Espionage Cosmetics: Glitter Is The New Black Friday Sale

On Black Friday, nerd girls across the country fired up their computers, excited to get their hands on the amazing sales that  Espionage Cosmetics had announced.  

As Espionage is basically responsible for my nerdy nail wrap addiction, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the promised $3.00 wraps (which usually run at $10.00 or higher). 

Sadly, I spent most of the day on my phone  or computer attempting to add things to my shopping cart with very little success.  

Super sad messages telling me that I was a failure at this sale kept coming up on my phone, when the site would even load in the first place. After trying all day, and finally deciding that I needed to get some sleep, I sent out a cry for help. 

Someone responded to my plee almost immediately.

While I was still bummed I couldn’t shop the sale, the quick company response kept me hopeful that Espionage would make it up to us in some way. 

Boy, was I ever correct. 

They issued an official apology for the slow site (the sale was so good that it basically broke their internet), took the website down completely, and promised something amazing would follow on the following Friday. 

Not only did their much more stable site relaunch on Friday with their previous Black Friday sale, it also returned with an even more beefed up version that the company called, “Glitter Is The New Black Friday.”

The amazing sale includes an added  coupon code for $10 off every order of $50 or more, a discounted price for both round two nails wraps AND licensed wraps! They also unveiled a new, limited time Holiday wrap called, “Ms. Zero.”

The sale will run until Monday, December 8th to ensure that every Black Friday shopper had enough time to get the products that had worked so diligently to acquire. 

I got a little carried away, but cannot wait for all my products to finally arrive. I’ll be back to share everything I purchased once it arrives. 

I am so pleased with this amazing sale, but even more so with how the amazing team at Espionage handled the Black Friday fiasco. They did a great job of keeping everyone happy, staying professional, and reaching out. It was obvious that everyone at Espionage truly cares about their customers. 

Their skill in navigating this hiccup has certainly made a customer for life in me.

What items are you hoping to snag before the sale is over?