Espionage Cosmetics: Glitter Is The New Black Friday Haul

This year, Espionage Cosmetics hosted a massive sale in honor of Black Friday. After beautifully navigating some rocky technical difficulties, their sale was postponed; then extended (and improved); and extended again.

Read about the amazing sale.

With a sale that good ($3 Wraps!), it is easy to see why I might have gotten a tad bit carried away. I was so excited when my package arrived, I had to stop everything I was doing (which just happened to be walking out the door for work), so that I could open it and see all my cool stuff. Check out my video for yourself.

Don’t forget to check out Espionage Cosmetics for the very best in everyday nerd makeup.

Did you shop the awesome Espionage Glitter Is The New Black Friday Sale? What are your favorite Espionage Wraps?

  • Stephanie Pressman

    LOVE IT!