E3 2015 Recap

So, E3 was awhile ago but we were busy at the time – so, enjoy these fashion filled photos and video from my first E3 experience.

We saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones…
Recognize anyone you know?

IMG_1376 IMG_1513 IMG_1406_2 IMG_1512 IMG_1486_2 IMG_1511 IMG_1408 IMG_1477_2 IMG_1516_2 IMG_1468 IMG_1463_2 IMG_1418 IMG_1374_2IMG_1382   IMG_1386_2 IMG_1448_2 IMG_1372 IMG_1510 IMG_1437  IMG_1488 IMG_1396 IMG_1373 IMG_1371_2 IMG_1370 IMG_1368

What’s your favorite game of 2015/2016?