Disney’s Love Tribe Launch Event

Fashionably Nerdy was recently invited to see Disney’s new line, “LOVE TRIBE”.
We were so pleased to send guest correspondent, Ariel Staehle to check out the line.

Ariel Staehle for Fashionably Nerdy:

“LAURA MARANO’s new Disney line brings fans of all ages together to celebrate the launch of her new line with Love Tribe, Disney’s fashion line by Laura Marano and Love Tribe celebrated their launch with hundreds of their fans at a Macy’s hosted event, this past weekend. There were nothing but smiles all around while teens and adults alike participated in this event. Laura herself was stationed with a pretty backdrop for pictures and a table with giveaway bags for everyone who waited in the, non-stop, lines. She greeted each guest, including myself with grace and style. She took as many pictures as people wanted and gave autographs as well.


After the fans received their gift bag, they walked directly to a station that printed out their picture with Laura. This was great for her fans; they all loved getting to have their pictures with her to take home from the event.


Then they proceeded to a photo station that looked like a giant mirror that had instructions projected onto the mirror, it was even interactive and a touch screen. Fans, and me too, of course, had fun signing their names on their pictures, which could also be printed out.


This was held at Macy’s and they really created a great atmosphere for their launch! They had models posing in the new fashion line, for pictures and also interacting with fans.



The DJ was keeping a nice fun and festive vibe going; all the while fans could shop for the line at the day of the event.


The line itself contains some of the most popular princesses, including Belle, Jasmine and Ariel.





I was able to catch a few minutes with Laura herself as she discussed what inspired this line and the message she wants to send with her new line.

FN: “ Hello I’m Ariel and I’m representing Fashionably Nerdy, lots of nerdy fashion crossover and Disney fits perfectly into that.”
LM: “You have to, and your name is Ariel so it’s kinda perfect!”
FN: “ Thanks, it works right? So…what prompted the collaboration between Love Tribe and how did that come to pass?”
LM: “So I’ve been working with the people behind Love Tribe, which is associated with a bigger company, Hybrid and they took this to me and told me the message behind the collaboration which is all about really inspiring girls to be bold. It’s basically like, if Disney princesses were alive today and were millennial in 2017. I loved the clothes and from there I’m like I want to do it, Sign me on!”
FN: “In that way I happened to notice there is a lot of Little Mermaid, Jasmine and Belle and a lot of our classic princess seem to be a bit more cookie cutter and not as edgy or strong and bold as millenials are these days. Was there intention behind that? Were there certain princesses you decide to use?”
LM: “I think definitely there are some princesses that are a little bit bolder than others, but I think all princesses have their own attributes that make them bold in their way. One of my favorite princesses is Snow White and obviously she is not, my other favorite princess is Belle, and they’re pretty different right? Belle will talk back to you, stand up for what she believes in, Snow White is very empathetic and sweet, and I love that. I think girls today can choose to be the Belles of the world or the Snow Whites. Or you don’t even have to choose, you can be both!”
FN: “I like Tinkerbell, personally, she’s not even really a princess.”
LM: “Hey, anyone can be a princess!”
FN: ““Right? That’s true! That’s a great message too and I think that’s really important, especially to inspire younger girls. In their own way they can be the soccer star, sports queen and still be a princess within that.”
LM: “It’s create your own fairytale, and I think you can decide and be the deciding factor of what you want your fairytale to be. If that’s you being an amazing soccer star, if that’s you being a fashionista, if that’s you being a complete book nerd, which hello that’s me, then that’s the way you should go!”
FN: “That’s fantastic, thank you so much!
LM: “Absolutely! Thank you!”


Laura was such a sweet, friendly and professional young woman and it is great to see such empowering clothing being made available for girls, of all ages! There were definitely a few pieces I would wear too! All in all, this event was quite a success with happy fans, lots of pictures and autographs and no one went home empty handed! If you have a chance to check out the new Disney line by Laura Marano, you can do so at Macy’s and other retailers.”

Thank you to Ariel for her great coverage of this event – if you are interested in being a guest contributor or correspondent – let us know.