BlackMilk Leaving the USA

Australian company BlackMilk Clothing announced recently the close of their only US storefront in Los Angeles after only about a year. Sharkies (BM fans) have been mourning this loss with also great gain. The closing of the US location has meant tons of sales. The first sale was the store closing sale, then a sample sale where everything had to go, now- this is the big one… the final get rid of everything SALE!

I went to the last sale and I waited in line at 6am we were let in at 9am and were in the 2nd group of 50 people let in.

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The line stretched pretty much around the whole warehouse
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My date for the event was as always (my plus one for life ) Camille from Frakkin Frocks
but there was no shortage of our favorites geeky fashionistas (recognize any you know?)
We braved the rainy morning for a good haul!


The attitude inside was one of helpfulness and camaraderie. Each item was arranged in massive piles on the floor of the warehouse by size. If you were looking for something specific all you had to do was call out what you wanted and if anyone saw it they would hand it over!


After 20 minutes of tearing through tons of spandex your time was up and you headed over to the checkout line which took about another 30-45 minutes to get through. Though that sounds like a painful checkout process it was actually great because the longer you waited the more you second guessed your purchases and eventually traded with others in line.  At the end of your purchase you exited through what used to be the store which is now just empty space.


Even the staff were amazing – giving out freebies that included swell, BlackMilk Hats.

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Our haul was awesome – I found some fandom pieces (shocker!) I really wanted and Camille it seems purchased like half the store… We got some really cool stuff… this was what I walked away with


The Dobby Play Dress,
Deathly Hallows Maxi Skirt (so soft!!!),
The Dark Mark Crop Top, and
Matt Smith Era Doctor Who Reef Suit

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The whole experience was awesome but, it also makes me sad and reminds me that only last year Camille and I went to the store for the first time and the experience was like no other. It was Camille’s birthday and they let us in even though they were not open… they gave us a tour of the facility, and allowed us to make purchases. They treated us like royalty and always have. I will really miss this place.

Photos from our first trip….

IMG_1081_2 IMG_1083_2 IMG_1075_2 IMG_1077_2 IMG_1078_2 IMG_1079_2


Now we cry all the tears…. bye bye spandex (btw – you can still order from the Australian site)