Bigger on the Inside: New Doctor Who Line by Hot Topic

Even before female geek fashion first started to find its own unique voice, female fan girls were storming conventions in their own handmade couture and designs. Desperate for more feminine pieces that embodied their nerdy passions, truly inspired corsets, gowns, skirts, heels and accessories began popping up everywhere from New York to Seattle to San Diego.

With the arrival of Her Universe in 2009, and lines such as Black Milk Clothing gaining popularity shortly thereafter, ladies were finally able to buy, rather than make, fashionably nerdy clothing.

The iconic television series Doctor Who has been at the forefront of this fashion trend since day one, and the show has spawned countless fashionable styles and “everyday cosplay” in the last few years.

Early in 2015, BBC and Hot Topic teamed up to create a truly inspired Doctor Who line that would pay homage to all the original fan girls who labored to make their own beautiful fandom inspired fashions.

While we do not know if this line intentionally pays tribute to these early revolutionaries, this larger than life new collection certainly reminds us of many of those awesome and inventive designs. Hot Topic also did a fantastic job of using their own creativity and expertise to release something that is really quite different from most of the “everyday cosplay” options that are currently available.

Perhaps my favorite piece in the entire collection, this TARDIS Lined Jacket is both practical and fashionable.

The Victorian pea coat style jacket really is warm enough for the winter months (trust me, I tried it on), but it is also gorgeous. It’s a perfect cover for fancy night out, and is full of Time Lord inspired detils, such as the Gallifreyan gears. The stunning coat also has a surprise inside!

The exploding TARDIS lining is one of my favorite fabric prints, and I was so excited to find this clever surprise when I opened the coat. I really need Florida to cool down so I can justify buying this coat.

 Doctor Who TARDIS Coat: $89.50.

I dream of pairing this coat with the beautiful TARDIS lace up dress from the line.

TARDIS Lace-Up Dress: $79.50

More than any other piece in this collection, this gorgeous dress reminds me of those early, handcrafted prediscessors to the mainstream female geek fashion movement. I was able to try it on at a local Hot Topic prior to the official release and I loved it.

Complete with a short lacy petticoat, this dress is really fancy! So much so, that I am not really sure where I would actually wear it, but I know that I need to own this beautiful piece of Geek Chic Fashion!

The other pieces in the collection are just as unique and inventive, and were inspired by fan favorite doctors, Four (played by Tom Baker), Ten (played by David Tennant), and Eleven (played by Matt Smith).

Fourth Doctor Striped Cardigan: $48.50

Regeneration Dress (not yet available): $64.50

Eleventh Doctor Bow Tie Dress: $64.50

Eleventh Doctor Capelet: $54.50

Other items in the collection reflect the style of long running companion Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Coleman), and help prepare stylish fan girls for winter.

Galaxy TARDIS Dress: $49.50

TARDIS Girls Sweater: $44.50 

Fair Isle Knit Cardigan: $49.50 

This incredible limited edition Doctor Who line by Hot Topic is also available in plus sizes and can even be found on Torrid.

What piece from this collection is your favorite?