Baby Girl’s 1st Geek Chic Halloween

Lulu was just on the border of 8 months old for her very first Halloween and with the busy craziness of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, Nerd Fest, and preparing for our trip to Australia in a few weeks I did not have any time to prepare super witty Halloween outfits – I figured I would stick to the classics for year 1 and I am so glad I did – but, where is the best place to shop for Halloween costumes for an itty bitty? I found an adorable squashy pumpkin costume from Pottery Barn Kids but after agreeing on it with Russ I second guessed our decision based on cost – Halloween costumes from PBK range from $30-100 and since she will grow out on it rather quickly it’s not like she can just play dress up the rest of the year… so, I went to AliExpress to see what inexpensive costumes and outfits I could find for her to celebrate Halloween. If you are unfamiliar with AliExpress it’s like Chinese Amazon or Wish. I like the customer service better on AliExpress than Wish and I also have found most products have free shipping (just takes 12-20 days typically to arrive)ย  which wish does not. Most items I have found range in price from $1-5.

So… let’s cut to the chase – what did I find?

Several adorable Halloween outfits…

Lulu owns a baby beret and I don’t think anyone is upset about it…

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this little pumpkin and ghost romper came with matching bow (I also picked up an adorable orange baby beret from Janie and Jack on sale for $11) – the only downside to this outfit is it’s made of some sort of polyester blend so it isn’t the best most breathable outfit – but the little dangling pompoms around the leg holes and on the bow were so darn cute (when Lulu wasn’t trying to pull them off – she was really intrigued by them)

Halloween Pumpkin & Ghost Romper with Bow

It’s getting real over here

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I got this awesome board from Joann’s Fabric for $20 that is great and simple to use!


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This great lil romper was perfect for a Los Angeles Halloween it was cute and super soft cotton and she got a bunch of wear out of it. I am sad the orange and black bats won’t see the light of day again till Lulu has a sibling and pretty sure it’s a bit too feminine for if she has a brother…

Bats Romper

Love this Halloween thing

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This little jazzy pumpkin number was her official Halloween costume paired with a green bow (also from AliExpress) – it was soft and cute and she didn’t mind wearing it at all for all of her Halloween functions

Sparkle Pumpkin Romper

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then I wanted a classic skeleton onesie and this one was perfect for the price – however, I ordered everything on October 1st and it arrived on November 2nd – it also was not great quality though it was a 6 month item (Lulu is barely fitting into 6 months clothing and just barely outgrew her 3 months sized clothing)ย  the snaps around the crotch would not stay snapped.

Skeleton Onesie

fashionably nerdy, geek chic, halloween, baby, costume, photos


fashionably nerdy, geek chic, halloween, baby, costume, photos

We love these Harry Potter themed milestone Holiday stickers from Chibi Mama
and we paired this one with a hand-me-down orange striped tee from Carters
and this adorable pumpkin clip from H&M

Chibi Mama HP Holiday Stickers

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Don’t ask me why I was so obsessed with getting some photos of my lil boo in a cauldron for her 1st Halloween but I searched high and low for a reasonably priced large cauldron that Lulu could fit in for this round of photos — I found this one on Amazon and with free shipping the price tag of $20 was the most affordable. However, while we were shooting she decided to stand up and the whole darn thing fell over causing a small injury to her poor little thumb so, if you are interested in capturing a similar set of photos put a sand bag in the bottom…

Cauldron from Amazon

fashionably nerdy, geek chic, halloween, baby, costume, photos fashionably nerdy, geek chic, halloween, baby, costume, photos

lastly this last shot includes a hand-me-down bib from Carters and a witch hat we got for $1 at the Dollar Store

Getting in the mood – I’m told Halloween is pretty cool… ๐ŸŽƒ

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So all & all I spent about $15 on outfits (not including the cauldron, bows, or her baby beret – which I intend to get plenty of use out of these items after Halloween