Are you a Hamil-fan?! Us Too! Hamilton Fashions & More!

It’s funny that a historical musical has become the biggest hit EVER on Broadway. Even more ludicrous is how good the show is and how much it is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite fandom.
That being said here is our Hamilton Gift Guide for you favorite Hamil-fan out there – or just for you (you always deserve gifts)!

A Bird In The Hand Crafts Hamilton Schuyler Sisters Hand-Painted Mug : $15

446 Bridges Hamilton Angelica Schuyler Soft Enamel Pin: $12

Good Witch Boutique Young Scrappy and Hungry Necklace. Hamilton Inspired Necklace


Fandomonium Designs: Who tells your story: Hand Stamped Aluminum Hamilton Musical cuff

Wicked MoxieBURR SHOT FIRST T-Shirt Hamilton Duel History Screen printed Shirt


Espionage Cosmetics: Federlist Papers Nailed It, Nail Wraps (Pre-Order)

“On June 6, 2016, Espionage Cosmetics just about broke the internet when the geek community received word of pre-orders for an Alexander Hamilton nail wrap design. Also known as a “nerd manicure”, these easy-to-apply nail wraps are named—and feature—The Federalist Papers! This design is joining other literature based nerd manicures perfect for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Clive Barker, and Jane Austen fans. What a diverse selection! Mystery nerds, horror nerds, and Janeite nerds can express their geeky interests through nail art, and now history nerds can join in on the exciting trend.

One of the biggest requests we’ve had online? Hamilton wraps. The fandom is strong, shares Christal VanEtten (Espionage Cosmetics PR & Social Media Oracle).  We’re incredibly happy this became a thing and we owe it all to our awesome audience and one hell of a Founding Father. Espionage Cosmetics took to Facebook for the initial announcement: Rise up! Have the The Federalist Papers at your fingertips! We’re taking a stand in the fashion world with a plethora of #NerdManicure designs! When you make some noise for what you desire most online, believe us when we say we are listening. After popular demand, we present The Federalist Papers like you’ve never seen them before! Our team at Espionage Cosmetics hijacked a TARDIS to witness the first appearance of The Federalist Papers in a 1787 print of The Independent Journal. At least…we like to think we did just to bring you these nail wraps that pay homage to none other than Alexander Hamilton his contributions to our nation as a Founding Father! This design is available for pre-order at a special bundle price of 2 for $15! Don’t throw away this shot at a great deal for a design your history loving hearts have been waiting for! If you are ready to rise up with Espionage Cosmetics, head to to pre- order The Federalist Papers today! Shipping begins on July 15th.”

Elhoffer Design: Hamilgowns CollectionComing Soon
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Have you seen Hamilton yet?
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