7 Geek Chic Newborn Fashion Finds

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So, it won’t be long till I have a little wonder keeping me on my toes. While we have decided to not find out the gender and be surprised I’m still looking for some amazing uni-sex fashion finds for my new geek chic friend.

1. Harry Potter Romper
I love the designs of Hello Quirky and I love this romper made with her graphics


2. Marvel Harem Pants


I know I won’t be able to fit into all my normal person clothes right away – but i’d love to be twinnin’ with my mini and this Marvel pattern would coordinate so well with so many of my pre-maternity clothes

3. Harry Potter Set


You can never have too many Harry Potter themed outfits right?

4. Hocus Pocus Onsie


Come little children… I’ll take you home and snuggle you!

5. Little Ravenclaw


I’m not saying they have to be sorted in Ravenclaw but they are a legacy since both Mom and Dad met in Ravenclaw tower… but we will love you even if you are a snake, a badger, or a lion too.

6. Baby Han


We can either be Twins or you can be Han and I can be Leia…

7. Baby Nerd


Obviously – with us for parents…

That’s what’s on my current wish list – what’s on yours?