2017 Her Universe Fashion Show Design Submissions That You Won’t See On The Runway

There are a crazy amount of fan/designers out there that create beautiful, amazing costumes and gowns. They are cosplayers, costume designers, and seamstresses.  Some may have never created a piece before – some may work in the entertainment industry fabricating what you see on TV and in Film.

Once a year Her Universe and Hot Topic team up with San Diego Comic Con to showcase the talents of these amazing designers by showcasing their work with a high fashion fandom themed runway show.

They set up a panel of judges to critique their pieces and 2 prizes are awarded a judges winner and an audience favorite winner.  The prize is the chance to design a fandom collection that will be sold in Hot Topic and Torrid stores and online. Past winners have given us a Pin-Up Marvel Line, A Force Awakens Collection, and a Wonder Woman Collection (just arrived at Hot Topic & Torrid stores).

So, while we see these beautiful creations that strut down the runway we tend to forget about all the amazing submissions that didn’t get picked to be showcased. This has nothing to do with talent – I could be for any reason in the world most likely we believe it has to do with the run of the show and we have seen over the past 4 years – that it doesn’t matter if you have been a contestant before that each year the show is completely different.

So, at Fashionably Nerdy we get so excited to show you some of these amazing designs that have never been seen before…. that won’t be in the Fashion Show at SDCC but… THEY ARE FABULOUS! We hope all these designers continue to create and submit because the work is phenomenal.

Designs by Cynthia Kirkland

The Designs of Cheryl Trent

Crimson Peak

Star Trek TNG


Monica Tininenko’s Designs

The Walking Dead



Agent Carter

Victoria Schmidt’s Designs

Indiana Jones

Which design is your favorite?